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2010 Pinot gris | Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley Pinot noir 2010
In the Vineyard

The 2010 vintage must have inherited some DNA from its ’08 elder cousin, resulting in a late bud break and late bloom, but miraculously dry and cool weather that held late into the month of October. Grape clusters were small and beautiful, but natural fruit yields were attendantly low. With a cool and somewhat wet summer, we strategically thinned the crop yields further to advance ripening of the remaining clusters. So wine production in this vintage is infamously down by 30% due to small clusters, low level crop set, aggressive thinning, and hungry birds. Harvesting of wine grapes for our Pinot gris began October 18 on the first of 4 blocks and ended October 21. Grape chemistry ranged from 24.8 Brix to 22.2 Brix (g/L of Glucose & Fructose), TA of 8.5 to 7.6, and a pH ranging from 3.32 to a bracing 3.05. 

At the Winery

Grapes were sorted for quality, and the wine press was loaded with whole clusters to immediately press off juice with the highest fruit purity. The resulting juice was cold settled with a very light bentonite fining for 3 days then accumulated into our stainless steel, temperature-controlled fermentation tank. Again, a light bentonite fining was added to create a bed for fermentation. Juice was inoculated with CY3079 yeast at 60°F, then chilled down to 53°F for a month-long fermentation. Fermentation lees were periodically pumped over during fermentation to develop more creaminess to the wine texture. The tank was cold chilled to 24°F for ten days to arrest fermentation at 0.67% residual sugar and to cold stabilize the wine. No malo-lactic fermentation was employed, and the finished wine was sterile-filtered through cross flow membranes. Prior to bottling, the wine was brought to 28 ppM of free Sulphur Dioxide. Seranx-lined screw cap closures were used for bottling on Jan. 14, 2011.

At the Table

With a pale yellow tinge, the wine is brilliantly clear with modest levels of dissolved CO2 for freshness. From the glass, aromas of Meyer lemon, tangerine, ruby-red grapefruit and orange blossoms emerge. Flavors of tangerine and sweet lemon along with flint and racy acidity drive this wine with freshness and a long finish. In a word – sleek! The wine should take on a bit of weight in the bottle as it ages throughout 2011 and 2012. We hope you will not let it last that long! Enjoy now.

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